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Florida has a great climate for growing watermelon, and is actually a leading producer for the nation. While it’s generally considered a summer fruit, growers in Florida are lucky enough to be able to plant watermelon for harvest in the winter as well. In fact, Florida is the only state in the country that produces watermelon from December to April.

Watermelon is an annual vine with curly tendrils and lobed leaves; both the vine and its leaves are “hairy.” It has pale yellow flowers. The fruit is a round or oval watermelon with a firm, smooth rind that’s typically green with darker marks or stripes. Depending on the cultivar, the fruit can range anywhere between 6 to 50 pounds, and in some rare instances, as much as 200 pounds. Each melon has sweet, juicy pulp that is red, pink, or even yellow. Seeds, if they exist, are black or brown; seedless varieties are also available.

Source: UF|IFAS Gardening Solutions

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