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Sunshine MimosaSunshine Mimosa is an evergreen perennial ground cover native to most of Florida. It is extremely hardy and spreads aggressively. Sunshine mimosa is a legume and it exhibits the typical pinnately compound foliage.  The leaves are not sensitive to touch as is that of sensitive briar – a plant it is sometimes confused with. The foliage also serves as one of many host plants for the Little Yellow butterfly.

Sunshine mimosa produces pink “powder puff” blooms. Flowering occurs from spring through fall and each bloom remains intact for more than a week. There are no petals; the pink blooms are composed only of the male and female reproductive parts. They are moderately visited by small pollinating insects.

Though naturally present in moist soil habitats, it is extremely drought tolerant and adaptable to nearly any soil type. Its spreading habit and dense foliage (which is reduced in winter, but still present) form a dense cover that limits weeds and unwanted plants, but also out-competes most other desirable wildflowers. It can be contained by shade, fizzling out beneath a shady canopy.

Source: Native Florida Wildflowers

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