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Sea grape is a native plant found in coastal areas of Central and South Florida. Its bold, round, evergreen leaves and colorful fruit make it a fun choice for home gardens.

Sea grape gets its common name from the clusters of red, grape-like fruits that the female plants produce. The fruit can be made into jelly, and is a food source for wildlife.

Sea grape can grow as a shrub or a vase-shaped tree, depending on where it’s planted. It can also be trained as a hedge.The rounded, leathery leaves can grow up to eight inches in diameter.

Sea grape grows in full sun or partial shade, and is very drought tolerant once established. It also tolerates salt spray and salty soils, making it a Florida-Friendly choice for beachfront homes. But it is sensitive to frost and freeze, and will benefit from protection.

Source: UF|IFAS Gardening Solutions

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