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Mild Micromix - Hoot Acre Farm

Mild Micromix

This mix of mildly flavored brassicas contains Mizuna, Cabbage, Kale, and Kohlrabi. Mostly green with a touch of red.

Grow time: 12 days

Small $7.00
Medium $15.00

Ordering instructions go here.

Lead Time
For initial and one-time orders, please allow for the lead time when placing your order. For example, if the lead time is 12 days, place your order at least 12 days in advance. For standing orders, we can deliver on your preferred weekly schedule.

Orders are planted on your delivery date minus the lead time. Orders that have already been planted can not be cancelled. Orders that have not been planted may be cancelled at any time.

We keep costs down by reusing microgreen trays. Find a place to stack the trays when you are done with them. We will collect them during your next delivery. We do not charge a deposit for the trays. However, if they are not returned, we charge $2 per tray.

Crop Failures
Although we do our best to control the growing environment, plants are susceptible to climate extremes and other variables outside our control. If an order succumbs to mother nature, we will alert you as soon as we can.

Where do we keep the microgreens?

On your counter of course. Let your customers see your commitment to fresh and local ingredients. No special lighting is needed for these little guys. Just make sure to water appropriately

How much water do we give them?

Put your finger in the soil and see if its damp. If not, you need to water. We suggest watering your microgreens from below. Put some water in a sheet tray and soak the microgreens for about 15 seconds. Lift them out of the sheet tray and let the excess water drip out. That’s it. You can put them back on the counter. If they start to wilt a little, no worries. Just water and they will bounce back to life within a couple of hours. Over watering can drown them, so be sure to test for dryness with your finger before watering.

Will they re-grow?

Some will, some will not. Its the nature of things;) Play around with it and see which ones you can bring back a couple times. Btw, the soil is a great addition to any compose as we only use organic materials and most contain high concentrations of Nitrogen, great for any soil. You can eat the roots too! I don’t, but you can;)

How do we harvest them?

With scissors is the best way.

Return the trays. We recycle and reuse.

Find a place to collect the used microgreen trays. We will collect them on your next delivery. We reuse the trays and compost the leftovers