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Gloriosa Lilies are a climbing member of the Lily family, which are natives of South Africa. These tubers are also a vine that climbs by means of tendrils at the tips of their leaves. Common names include Gloriosa Lily, Flame of the Woods, Flame Lily, Climbing Lily and Glory Lily. All parts of plant including rootstock, are highly toxic if ingested; handling tubers may irritate the skin.

The unusual and exotic flowers of the Gloriosa Lily have been featured on a US postage stamp and are the national flower of Zimbabwe, Africa. Gloriosa makes an outstanding cut flower in arrangements, and the configuration of its stamens and pistil has been compared to a clock and a minute hand.

Tropical Flowers, U.S. Postage Stamps, issued May 1, 1999

Gloriosa Lily Stamp

Source: Florida Gardener

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