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Commonly known as Florida Holly, the Brazilian Pepper Tree has fruit-laden branches, which mature between December and January, are often used as Christmas decorations in Florida. Raccoon, possums and fruit-eating birds eat the fruit of the plant and contribute to its spread by passing the seeds in their scat and guano.

This shrub/tree is one of the worst exotic pest plants in the State of Florida (please do not plant it or encourage its growth: It is regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection under 62C-52.011 Prohibited Aquatic Plants. It is a Class I Prohibited Aquatic Plant, which means “Under no circumstances will this species be permitted for possession, collection, transportation, cultivation, and importation except as provided in Rule 62C-52.004, F.A.C) as it produces a dense forest canopy that shades out all other foliage and which in turn produces such a poor habitat for native wildlife species that almost nothing other than the Brazilian Pepper itself will grow or live in the areas it colonizes.

Source: Florida Gardener
Location: DeSoto Road at Honore

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